A Short Guide to Places to Visit in Paro Bhutan

places to visit in paro bhutan

Paro is one of the beautiful places in Bhutan, which is rich in culture, offering breathtaking views of nature’s beauty and have loads of myths and stories of legends to explore. If you are here on your vacation, then be assured to make a list of the best places to visit in Paro Bhutan, as there are numerous sites that are waiting to welcome you. Majorly you shall come across the ancient Bhutan temples and monasteries, the only airport of Bhutan and National Museum. In the entire kingdom of Bhutan, Paro is one of the highly fertile land, where loads of locally popular red rice are produced in large quantity.

Which are the Best Places to Visit in Paro Bhutan?

The options for a tour in Paro are countless. However, there are certain best places to visit in Paro Bhutan, which one should not miss out at any cost. We have, therefore, prepared a short guide that will assist you during your journey. Listed below are the most visited places in Paro:

Rimpung Dzong (Paro Dzong)

Rimpung Dzong, one of the must places to visit in Paro Bhutan. You shall see the most perfect work of Bhutanese architecture here. It’s a huge fortress and monastery that provides an amazing view of the nearby Paro Valley. It also has offices of monastic body and government administrative and is also the place of religious affairs. Furthermore, the annual Paro Tshechu festival is organized here, so if you are here at the time of this festival, then you shall surely enjoy your tour and will remember your entire life. The entry to Rimpun Dzong is free and you can visit it between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Ugyen Pelri Palace

Paro Penlop and Tshering Penjoy built the Ugyen Pelri Palace’s secluded wooded compound. It was constructed in the 1900s era, where now queen mother resides and hence, it is not open for the general public. You can view this beautiful palace, which depicts the finest Bhutanese architecture from the Dzong. Also, you shall see 5 square shaped Chortens that were constructed in the remembrance of Bhutan’s first king Ugyen Wangchuck.

National Museum of Bhutan

The National Museum of Bhutan is one of the best places to visit in Paro Bhutan that reveals the ancient mysteries, traditions, culture and rich heritage of Bhutan. The government of Bhutan has been able to successfully preserve their belongings and history and hence, their present and many more generations to come will have in-depth knowledge about it. This museum has been established within the watch tower. You shall find here a great collection of stamps, weapons, coins, artifacts and Bhutanese art from 4000 B.C. till date.

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)

Taktsang Monastery, also famous as Tiger’s Nest, is for sure one of the places to visit in Paro Bhutan, which you should not miss at all. It is found too high on the cliff in the mountains, which is considered as an unofficial symbol of Bhutan and is also one of the sacred places of Buddhists. The one who introduced Buddhism in Bhutan Guru Rinpoche came here a million years before from Tibet on the back of a female tiger and used to meditate here. Therefore, people consider this place highly sacred.

The journey to reach its top takes about 2 to 3 hours, therefore, a café has been constructed on the ridge, where you can sit back and relax for some time with refreshments. You can take a pony ride to the cafeteria. So, whether you are adventurous or have a spiritual nature, this is the right place to visit. Moreover, the beauty of this place is further enhanced by the lush green mountainous region and breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. In order to enter the Paro Taktsang Monastery, you first need to take special permission prior to coming here.

Jangsarbu Lhakhang

Jangsarbu Lhakhang is found in Paro Dzong, which is a temple having an amazing statue of Sakymuni Buddha, which was brought here from Lhasa. Also, it is home to the Paro’s protector deity. People here believe that the placement of Sakyamuni statue had to be placed in the Paro Dzong and therefore, it is here as it was destined. So, when at a time this statue was supposed to be moved to another place, it became difficult to do so, due to its weight and hence, it the ancient sayings were proved right. Now it is permanently a significant feature of Lhakhang.

Chelela Pass

Chelela Pass is an excursion around Paro Valley. It is found at an elevation of 3988 meters and is renowned for being the highest passes for motors in Bhutan. It takes approximately an hour to drive through this pass within the lush green forested road along the botanical paradise.You shall be amazed to see the fascinating views of the Jichu Drake and Jomolhari mountains, which are considered sacred. Furthermore, the pass also gives a view of the wild roses, yellow and purple primulas and deep blue iris’s swathes, which encompass the floor of the forest. The peak of the pass is all surrounded by rhododendrons in a large number of colors that include white, burnt orange, scarlet, pale pink and deep pink.

Your journey is going to be highly informative as well as adventurous in Bhutan, especially if you opt for places to visit in Paro Bhutan. Though the country has made efforts to preserve their culture, heritage and traditions by limiting tourists accessibility, but yet it has a lot of sites and attractions that are good enough for having a fun-filled vacation.

You can read more about places to visit in Bhutan and if you want to recommend a tourist place in Paro, please do so by adding comments below.

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