Paro Taktsang Monastery – The Cultural Icon of Bhutan

paro taktsang monastery bhutan

The Paro Taktsang Monastery is one of the ultimate tourist destinations in Bhutan, which is also renowned as the Taktsang Palphug Monastery, a Buddhist temple complex. This monastery is found at a height of 3120 meters, just above the level of the sea, on the upper side of the Paro Valley. This Paro valley is in the mountainous region and is considered as the heart of Bhutan. Moreover, the country’s one and only international airport is situated here.

Overview of the Paro Taktsang Monastery

As Paro Taktsang Monastery is an ideal tourist destination & a must-visit place in Bhutan, you shall for sure have a great time with your friends, family and loved ones there. Its exclusively different location and breathtaking views of the lush green valleys and mountains, definitely adds value to one’s entire experience. If you are adventurous enough, then reaching this place will be a great fun, because this monastery is only accessible by mountainous routes. Though there are technical hurdles, but the remote location enhances the beauty very well.

Interior and Exterior of the Monastery

The architecture of the monastery has been designed, keeping in the view the rich culture and traditions of Buddhists. You shall be amazed to see the white buildings with golden roofs, having four major temples and a number of houses. Every building is linked to each other via staircases, which are carved into the rock. In nearly every building you shall come across a gallery that presents an amazing view of the entire location.

The main holy place of the Paro Taktsang, where you shall see the prayer wheel, is in the temple’s courtyard. Every day in the morning around 4:00 am, this wheel is rotated by monks, which means that the new day has been started. The beautiful interior of the temple fascinates the visitors, having gold-plated dome and sparkling lights that brighten up the golden idols there.

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Furthermore, there is a hall where you shall witness thousands of Buddhas, which have been carved into the rock, along with a big statue of tiger. The tiger is the esteemed symbol of Paro Taktsang, because of the Bhutan’s Buddhism guru Padmasmabhava. However, tigress brought this guru here on her back, who is also the founder of Bhutan.

You shall see there are 8 caves in the temple, among which 4 are easily accessible as compared to others. As per the people there, it is believed that Padmasmbhave entered on the tiger’s back into the Tholu Phuk cave and he used to meditate in Pel Phuk cave. Even the monks live here and meditate for approximately three years and hence, they often visit the Paro Valley.

How to Reach Paro Taktsang Monastery

When you give a first look to this temple from Paro Valley or from the end of the cliff, you shall get a feeling that reaching this complex is equal to impossible. But, actually there are three paths that are heading to this sacred monastery.

The 3 different paths heading towards Paro Taktsang Monastery include the trail passing via the pine forest, which has been specially decorated with dazzling prayer bannerettes that represents good luck, positive energy, liveliness and safeguard from evils. However, the other two paths pass through the plateau. The plateau is also known as a “hundred thousand fairies plateau.”

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So, if you are on a tour to Bhutan, don’t forget to visit this amazing monastery and add more adventures and knowledge in your memories. If you have visited this monastery, then feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section.

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