Nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan – Find out the Best Places in Town

nightlife in thimphu bhutan

Though Bhutan is a country, which is rich in culture, traditions and its heritage, filled with loads of historic places, but you cannot doubt on its ability to provide a great nightlife to locals as well as tourists. While preserving the traditions and culture, Bhutan has moved up with the changing trends of the world. Therefore, you shall find a great number of opportunities to enjoy your nightlife in Thimphu, Bhutan.

The capital of Bhutan i.e. Thimphu is known for its fun-filled attractions and thus, offer an amazing nightlife. We have already discussed places to visit in Thimphu and we are focusing on nightlife attractions in this article.

Witness the Amazing Nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan

For many it might be difficult to figure out the places, where they can spend their time and enjoy after the sunset till late. So you if you happen to be here, then don’t miss out the nightlife in Thimphu, Bhutan. The capital of this heritage country is quite happening and full of life even at night. Read on to know about the places, where you can spend your time:

Club Ace

Club Ace is one of the famous places offering great nightlife in Thimphu Bhutan. You shall find this in Phendey Lam, rocking the night off with awesome music and neon lights. You shall find here a huge crowd of locals enjoying the electronic music. You got to hit this place if you want to witness how nightlife is here and how locals celebrate it.

Space 34

Space 34 is the place to be if you want to party hard and rock the dance floor in casual gear with a slew of Bhutanese youth. People dance here on the beats of hip-hop, house music, American pop music, Indian Bollywood remixes and R&B. As its popularity is increasing day by day, the space is getting limited for the huge crowd. Therefore, they are expanding so that one can dance freely on their favorite numbers. It is one of the amazing clubs in Thimphu.

Mojo Park

Mojo Park is found near the Zone in Yangchenma Building, famous among the youth of Bhutan. Youngsters from Thimphu especially gather here to enjoy their night with loud music and drinks. This club is considered as the most westernized place, one would have ever visited in Bhutan. This bar also plays live music and therefore, has an edge over others.

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Zest Bar & Lounge

Zest Bar & Lounge is found near the UNDP building. It is one of the highly preferred places for spending an amazing night, as it offers a perfect set modern design interior with delicious food and comfy ambiance. Company parties can be arranged here too, as it has a separate section for it. People in Bhutan visit this place for outclass cocktails and the beer fountain here is ideal for an exciting and thrilling fun all night.

Luger Cinema Hall in Thimpu

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, then you can spend your night watching one of the blockbusters in the Luger Cinema Hall in Thimpu. However, the cinema also screens Hollywood movies from time to time. The night show starts here 8:30 pm, however, you can also watch movies in the daytime as well as in the evening.

So, if you are a party freak or you are habitual sleeping late at night, then the above discussed places might attract you. Even after a tiring exploration, it is recommended to chill at night with friends and family and enjoy a refreshing day the next morning.

If you want to recommend a night activity in Thimpu or share your experience of the above mentioned places, please do so by adding comments below.

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