National Museum of Bhutan – An Ultimate Picture of the History

national museum of bhutan

The National Museum of Bhutan is set up within one of the oldest buildings, which was built in the year 1649 C.E. This cylindrical shaped structure used to serve as a watchtower for the protection of the Paro Rinpun Dzong, so as to protect from being invaded from any direction. The watchtower was about to collapse in the 1950s, when the third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck decided to renovate it and converted it into a museum. The museum showcases the history of Bhutan and unique artifacts and thus among the must-visit places for tourists in Bhutan.

Detailed Overview of National Museum of Bhutan

Bhutan was able to preserve the historic equipments, tools, belongings, stories and other stuff, even from the 4000 B.C. The Government of Bhutan, thus, gave best of its time and efforts to enhance the entire structure and rebuild it in a better way to preserve the national collections. In the year 1968, the Bhutan National Museum was opened to the public.

The list of the few educational institutions that are good at depicting the culture and history of Bhutan include the name of the National Museum of Bhutan. The museum ensures that the rich history and culture of their forefathers is remembered and strong built into the nerves of the present and future generations. Therefore, the museum organizes consistently exhibitions and symposiums, publishes publications and conducts research and release artifacts, in order to best convey the insight of the past culture and heritage. The artifacts presented include significant points from all across Bhutan, encompassing all eras from 4000 B.C.E till date.

The galleries in the museum has been set up in a way that the visitors can interestingly go through the transition from the Stone Age to the modern Mahayanist Buddhist and multicultural era. The Government has ensured that the museum interest people of all ages and from all walks of life like students, tourists, connoisseurs and tourists. The museum for sure provides a great experience to the visitors.

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Bhutan has a philosophy of national development, which is among its Nine Domains of Gross National Happiness. The philosophy is to keep the cultural values intact and alive and transfer them to the coming generations. The National Museum thus, plays a significant role in this regards and is obviously a preserver of Bhutanese historical culture and values.

However, the Nine Domains of Gross National Happiness are Health, Psychological Well being, Education, Ecological diversity and resilience, Living Standard, Good Goverence, Culture, Use of Time and Balance and Community Vitality. The National Museum is honored to be the part of this process and is serving for the development of Bhutan and its people.

Taking pictures and making videos is not allowed within the premises of the museum, one has to put their camera in the lockers, which are placed at the entrance of the Museum. However, visitors can take pictures outside the building of the museum.

How to Reach National Museum of Bhutan

The National Museum of Bhutan is located in Paro, Bhutan, above the Paro Rinpung Dzong.

Address: P.O. Box No. 1227, Paro, Bhutan
Telephone: + 975 8 271511 / +975272544 / +975 8 272543 / +975 8 272545

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The museum allows students and other educational institutions to bring their students to visit, so that they can gain knowledge. However, guided tours can also be arranged. The museum remains open the entire week other than government holidays. You can visit in summers between 9:00am to 5:00pm and in winters between 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you have ever visited this museum, then feel free to share with us in the comments sections below, so that other readers can also know about it.

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