Chimi Lhakhang – The Fertility Temple Bhutan in Punakha District

Chimi Lhakhang fertility temple bhutan

Bhutan is not a big country, but yet is popular for spending your vacations with family or friends. It is a small state found in between India and China. Bhutan has been able to safeguard its culture and borders with the help of shield arc of the Himalayas and by building up strong alliances, which are strategically quite wise. This country is still believed to be stunning enough, regardless of its Western perceptions of success. However, Bhutan does not provide access to tourists to all the sites and small towns.

This is their way to keep themselves unspoiled. If you have to go somewhere, you are required to first take permission, sometimes written ones as well as guides with you. Those visiting ancient fortresses or jagged mountains might need to pay a certain fee for the access.

Chimi Lhakhang is one of such temple in Bhutan. It is renowned as the fertility temple Bhutan, which is basically a Buddhist monastery in Punakha District of Bhutan. This temple is built on a round shaped hillock, which was constructed by the Drukpa hierarch and Ngawang Choegyel in the year 1499, soon when this site was blessed by a maverick saint, named Drukpa Kunley as the Divine Madman.

Overview of the Fertility Temple Bhutan

Chimi Lhakhang is found approximately at 10 kilometers from Punakha, which is quite close to the village Sopsokha. If you take your route from this village, you shall have to take a walk of 20 minutes along the dusty and muddy path. However, this journey will be quite interesting, as you shall pass by the agricultural fields where rice and mustards are grown. You shall see that the houses of the villages have phalluses paintings on their outside walls.

Traditions followed at Chimi Lhakhang

As Chimi Lhakhang is famous for being the fertility temple Bhutan, there are certain traditions being followed here. Women from Bhutan as well as from different parts of the world come here to take the blessings, so that they can be mother soon. The women are hit on the head by the current Lama in the temple, with the help of 10 inch bone phallus, ivory and wood. Moreover, the women coming here to make pilgrimage, so that they can get their kid’s name, which are yet to be born. For this purpose, they use bamboo slips, which are kept in the altar, having the names of girls and boys both. People say that Kunley himself made the small chorten at the altar.

Kunley was one of the legends here, who was blessed with some supernatural powers. He had predicted the death of other lamas and it turned out to be true. Lama Kunley and his dog Sachi’s statues are found in the monastery as well.

Chimi Lakhang till date is one of the most visited temples and also, a must-visit place in Bhutan by those who seek to have baby and hence, come here from different parts of the world to get the blessings of Drukpa Kuenley at the fertility temple Bhutan.

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