Bhutan Happiness – Why is Bhutan the Happiest Country in the World

bhutan happiness

As a matter of fact, it is very much difficult to understand that how come Bhutan, being a small country is considered as the happiest country of the world. The population is similar to Alaska, tucked in the Himalaya Mountains and people are able to reach here via two airplanes only. One of the major reasons of Bhutan happiness is its fastest growing GDP in the globe.

Bhutan is famous as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, which is found in South Asia and is between Tibet, Nepal, India and China. The government of Bhutan has a strong sense of national identity, despite having a low rate of literacy and life expectancy. Also, the government has preserved its natural resources and attractions by limiting tourism and hence, has an unspoiled culture. The people of Bhutan have been able to find the best recipe of happiness which is renowned as the Bhutan Gross National Happiness (GNH).

The Reasons of Bhutan Happiness

The head of Bhutan state, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who is ruling the country since 1972 from the age of 16. It was his idea to stop focusing on he Gross Domestic Product, if we need to see the people of Bhutan happy, which will for sure constitute in the progression. Therefore, he put the idea in front to initiate Bhutan Gross National Happiness. Though it was the idea of a teenager, but the idea matured and worked very well, as we can all witness its progression as the world’s happiest country.

The head of Bhutan’s Ministry of Information and Communication, Mr. Kinley Dorji once talked about the Gross National Happiness program in an interview. According to him you can view happiness as an individual pursuit. The responsibility of Bhutan is thus the Gross National Happiness implementation, so the citizens of the state can live happily. However, Bhutan’s happiness is not guaranteed by the government, its neither a promise, but it is a responsibility to know and understand and create systems for happiness.

Since establishing the Gross National Happiness index for Bhutan Happiness and also, being a developmental state, the political agenda’s heart is now the environment conservation in Bhutan. It has been emphasized to make it carbon neutral and a law has been passed to keep Bhutan forested approximately 60% for the coming generations, plastic bags have been banned, a day has been marked for pedestrians on which private vehicles are not allowed on the roads and also, Bhutan aims to become the first 100% organic farming country of the world. Thus, it can be said that the entire country is untouched and beautiful.

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When Bhutan opened up to globalization, the process of measuring Bhutan happiness started. The quality of people’s life is measured and then it is ensured that the spiritual and material development takes place together. The balance has been well-maintained and well-managed by the government of Bhutan.

In Bhutan, approximately more than two thirds of the people are Buddhist and the government also supports it economically as well as politically. The Buddhist monasteries, monks, shrines and other Buddhist programs are supported by government by providing them subsidies. Moreover, Buddhists have been given a significant share, to voice their views in the public policy. Though Bhutan has opened up to globalization, yet it has been able to preserve its culture, norms and traditions.

The country has restricted tourism and hence, people pay approximately $US40 for a visa and during low season $200 for 3 star stay, food, guide and convince with driver in Bhutan and for the same they pay $250 in the high season. Moreover, the visitors pay $65 as royalty, which is spent on providing free of cost education and health care in Bhutan.

The system fostered here will lead to increase in life expectancy to get doubled in the last twenty years and soon 100% of the children will be enrolled in the primary schools. They aim to keep their citizens happy and satisfied and they will continue to follow the latest trends of the world, but yet they will ensure that their country’s traditions remain unchanged. These are some of the initiatives, which are a significant part of the Bhutan Gross National Happiness program.

On the other hand, Bhutan is one of the beautiful countries of the world, providing breathtaking views of the nature’s beauty & amazing places to visit. Only eight pilots have been qualified enough to land in the mountains and valleys of Bhutan. Those willing to spend their holidays in the happiest country of the world, will be amazed to explore the beautiful flora, fauna, sceneries and Buddhist monasteries.

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